About us

As a single mother raising two young children it was always difficult to make ends meet so between jobs Stevie would spend her time painting to make extra money. As joint problems began hindering her oil painting she found water color on card stock.

Stevie Streck Designs came from modest beginnings as a part time job run out of the basement of her home then, as demand grew for her unique hand painted invitations, the part-time became full-time as the basement became the garage; which became a warehouse, and now an operation that serves all of the US, and many countries throughout the world.

Stevie Streck Designs is one of the few companies in the industry today whose designs are adapted from her original artwork. Stevie Streck Designs is consistently recognized by its peers as one of the finest stationary designers in the market today evidenced by the fact that Stevie Streck has been the winner
and nominee of many Louie Awards, the industry’s equivalent of the AcademyAwards.

Stevie Streck is known by her clients and business relationships as a relentless hard worker, with a true love for people, and a love to create.

Today Stevie Streck Designs Calendars, Greeting Cards, Gifts and Die Cut Invitations