About us

Stevie Streck's story is a testament to perseverance and creativity. Balancing the demands of single motherhood with her artistic pursuits, she turned to painting as a means of supplementing her income. As joint problems limited her ability to continue oil painting, Stevie discovered a new medium: watercolor on cardstock.

What started as a part-time endeavor in the basement of her home soon burgeoned into something much greater. Driven by the demand for her unique hand-painted invitations, Stevie transitioned from a basement operation to a full-fledged business. Her garage became a warehouse, and now Stevie Streck Designs serves customers across the United States and beyond.

What sets Stevie Streck Designs apart is its commitment to authenticity. Unlike many companies in the industry, Stevie's designs are adapted directly from her original artwork. This dedication to artistic integrity has earned Stevie Streck Designs numerous accolades, including multiple Louie Awards—the stationery industry's equivalent of the Academy Awards.

But beyond the awards and recognition, Stevie's true legacy lies in her relentless work ethic and genuine love for both her craft and her clients. Known for her unwavering dedication and personable demeanor, Stevie has built lasting relationships with customers and business partners alike. Each invitation crafted by Stevie Streck Designs is infused with her passion, creativity, and a touch of heartfelt sincerity.

Today Stevie Streck Designs Calendars, Greeting Cards, Gifts and Die Cut Invitations